Become An Austin Zoo Member!

Become An Austin Zoo Member!

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Annual Memberships

Membership Prices:
  • Individual Membership: $60.00
  • Two Person Membership: $90.00
  • Family of Four Membership: $115.00
  • Family of Five Membership: $145.00
  • Family of Six Membership: $175.00
  • Family of Seven Membership: $205.00

If you only have three names, we suggest adding on a family friend, grandparent, babysitter, etc. as the fourth name on your membership, because a Three Person Membership is the same price as a Four Person Membership.

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  • Once you click “Submit”, you will be redirected to a page that has our payment options. If you have questions, please call 512-288-1490.
  • Memberships do not become active until payments are processed.

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