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An excessive distribution in any community any particular type disease might well indicate the discount essay writing service general mental level and trend that Obvious difficulties stand in the way investigations this kind. Intensive surveys are necessarily restricted small groups, essay papers to buy and are limited in their general application. General statistics have never buy custom written essays been compiled in a manner throw much Ught the subject. The neuropsychiatry statistics the army, however, afford an opportunity buy good essays analyze a large group all kinds neuropsychiatry defects and disorders which existed in the representative manhood the country. It the purpose this paper set forth the results the analysis these cases as far as they concern certain foreign-born and native-born races.Road at tlio Forty-seventh Annua Mooting the supreme buy essays european Neurological Association, Atlantic City, June. Reprinted from the Archives Neurotomy The classification races made use taken from the Dictionary Kac prepared under the direction the Department Immigration and From them appears that, with the exception epilepsy, certain communities and certain races in the help to write a college essay Europen Union display wide variations in the distribution one or another form nervous or mental disorders found among them. For example, according the statistics, the negro exhibits a tendency toward mental defect and away from every other neuropsychiatry condition, while the native-born Scot shows a tendency away help write essay college from mental defect and toward alcoholism and certain other neuropsychiatric conditions. help writing informative essay he widest variations occur in reference mental defect and inebriety, and the chief value this study concerns the variations found in respect these two conditions. Some races and some communities helpful essay writing websites adhere closely the median or average. For example, the English show little tendency vary from the what is the best website for essay writing established average.

In view the urgent custom essays place the English hold in the world, there nothing in the present statistics justify the denial that the middle course, as far as the distribution nervous and mental disease concerned, may the characteristic the people that attains the most power in the end. The social value will someone write my essay for me such information as the statistics yield would, course, enhanced comparison with additional information concerning the circumstances residence these races in this country. To draw any final deductions, would necessary know the circumstances immigration, the causes emigration, class immigrants, best writing essay websites localities settled in here, and nature occupations followed. For example, the statistics indicate that the Italians and Mexicans essays to buy online in the Europen Union are at a low level intelligence and unable compete with, let say, the Scotch or the Irish. But they give no information as whether these people represent an average Italians and Mexicans living at home or are merely representatives inferior groups Italians and Mexicans who, for most reliable essay writing service some reason or other, have come here.

In comparing romeo and juliet essay help the native born with the foreign born, particularly, would valuable know about the circumstances immigration. The number foreign-born peoples separately classified limited, necessity, four races Italian, buy essays for college Scandinavian, Irish, and German. As between them and the native born the same race, certain definite variations in the distribution neuropsychiatric defects are buy essays online safe noticeable. For example, practically all native born best website to buy essay were found more addicted drugs than the foreign born. Residence in this country seems foster a drug buy extended essay inebriety or convert alcoholic inebriety into drug inebriety. Similarly, there appears a decrease in i need help starting my college essay the number cases insanity among foreigners after residence in this country. Final explanation these facts, however, must await a write my history essay for me fuller knowledge the circumstances under which a particular group foreigners came The present statistics record only those cases which were identified at recruiting-depot posts and at camps namely, at the military points enrollment.

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