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Austin Zoo Animals Know How To Keep Cool This Summer!

Gray Wolf Juno uses her water trough to beat the summer heat! Korben, Tilly and Ruby ate lunch in their pools with a little ice to keep them cool. Korben loved the lobster that arrived with our weekly pick up of meats from Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (CAFB) As a partner agency of the Food Bank, we have been picking up their non-human grade meat products for several years keeping them out of the landfill! Read More

It’s National Zookeeper Week!

We hope you will join us in thanking our amazing Zookeepers for all they do for our animals as we celebrate National Zookeeper Week! Their passion, devotion and hard work are unsurpassed and are essential for the welfare of our animals. Read More

Kid-Friendly Activities

Austin Zoo has several kid-friendly activities for children of all ages!   Austin Zoo BINGO Use our BINGO template to make a game out of finding different Austin Zoo animals. Ten BINGO sheets are included! So, a large group can play together, or can be used for multiple Zoo visits. Read More

Save The Date For Home School Day!

Austin Zoo’s 2015 Home School Day will be on Friday, September 25! We’ll be posting a list of the presenters and learning stations soon, so check back for more details. To download the event flyer, click here. Read More

Thanks For The Donations, Kirsten & Jeff!

Kirsten and Jeff surprised us yesterday with two $100 checks that they requested in lieu of birthday gifts from their grandparents so they could help our animals! Kirsten asked that her donation go towards our marmosets. Jeff selected our three bear cubs to receive his donation. Read More

Austin Zoo Animals Always Have New Enrichment Toys!

African Grey Parrot Floyd and the Brown Lemurs explore the enrichment boxes that their Zookeepers built for them. Our Zookeepers are always coming up with creative ideas to enrich our animals’ lives. They use many everyday household items to create puzzles, games, feeding and foraging boxes and other enrichment activities. Read More

Come Out To The Zoo And Celebrate Dad!

Tie decorating at our Father’s Day weekend arts and crafts event. Save the date for more holiday arts and crafts on July 4! Arts and crafts activities are included with your Zoo admission. Read More