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Check Out Arctic Fox Lily’s Transformation!

Both of these photos show Arctic Fox Lily! The first photo was taken in February when Lily had her fluffy white coat which would blend into the snow if she lived in the wild. The second photo was taken last month after Lily shed her winter coat for a lighter brown/gray coat she would use for camouflage after the snow melted. Read More

Austin Zoo Animals Know How To Keep Cool This Summer!

Gray Wolf Juno uses her water trough to beat the summer heat! Korben, Tilly and Ruby ate lunch in their pools with a little ice to keep them cool. Korben loved the lobster that arrived with our weekly pick up of meats from Capital Area Food Bank of Texas (CAFB) As a partner agency of the Food Bank, we have been picking up their non-human grade meat products for several years keeping them out of the landfill! Read More

It’s National Zookeeper Week!

We hope you will join us in thanking our amazing Zookeepers for all they do for our animals as we celebrate National Zookeeper Week! Their passion, devotion and hard work are unsurpassed and are essential for the welfare of our animals. Read More

Kid-Friendly Activities

Austin Zoo has several kid-friendly activities for children of all ages!     Austin Zoo Patch Activities For ages 5-17 years old. You can complete this patch on your own, or with some friends, or even with a larger group such as through scouting, a school class, or homeschoolers. Read More