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Thanks Again Fox Service Company!

Thank you to the great group of volunteers from Fox Service Company who came and helped our Zookeepers today. In just a few hours, they moved new substrate into Red Foxes Mik and Nik’s habitat and got all of the hoof stock yards raked clean. Read More

Thank you to Stephanie Pettiette’s Girl Scout Troop!

Thank you to Stephanie Pettiette’s Girl Scout troop for designing and building these beautiful bird baths for some of our birds. The Scouts did this project to earn their Bronze Award which is the highest Junior Girl Scout award. Chattering Lories Fatman and Little Gal and Rainbow Lorikeet Cosmo love their beautiful bird baths! Read More

The Kendra Gives Back Party Was A Success!

Thank you Kendra Scott for hosting the Kendra Gives Back Party for our animals. We raised over $950 to use towards the purchase of a variety of enrichment items. Serval Nsomi loves the pink flamingo toy and African Grey Howie is thrilled with her new bird toys! Read More

Two Austin Zoo Animals made their TV debut on Studio 512!

Thursday May 28th, Studio 512 invited us to bring a couple of our animals on their show, talk about our 25th anniversary, and plans for the future here at Austin Zoo. Safari Greg introduced Berber the Jungle Carpet Python and Jax the Hedgehog to show host Amanda Tatom. Read More

Happy 17th Birthday, Omar!

Bengal Tigers Omar, Raj and Kali had a grand time celebrating Omar’s 17th birthday thanks to our amazing Zookeepers who decorated their habitat and wrapped packages of meat treats for all three to open and enjoy! Looks like they had a great party! Read More