Field Trip Reservations

Field Trip Reservations

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This number should include all teachers, chaperones and adults extended the $5 educational rate through your school’s reservation.  Anyone checking in separately with our admissions staff will pay regular admission prices.

Please note, your desired field trip date is not guaranteed.  After checking availability, we will send you a confirmation email (typically within 10 days of your submission).

This time frame is only your arrival window. Once inside the Zoo, you may stay as long as you like until we close for the day.

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Payment Information


Please provide your Bookkeeper’s name and correct contact information for us to forward a copy of your estimate to ensure you have no delays upon check-in on the date of your field trip due to payment complications.  This also allows your Bookkeeper to contact us directly if s/he needs additional vendor information – saving you time!

Optional Education Programs


Get the most out of your Austin Zoo experience! Our education department has created interactive classes that are both fun and informative. Classes range from 30-60 minutes and are an additional price. Click here to see a copy of the Austin Zoo School Programs brochure.
Prekindergarten-First Grade Programs:

Zoo Safari: Auditorium Program: up to 50 participants (30 minutes). Program minimum: 25 participants ($50.00).
Join Walter, a prairie dog, who is visiting Austin Zoo. See which animals he bumps into along the way and learn about animal families during this fun puppet show!

In My Backyard: Classroom Program: up to 25 participants (30 minutes). Program minimum: 25 participants ($50.00).
During this center-based program students investigate local habitats and learn about the adaptations that help animals live there.

Second-Fifth Grade Programs:

Animal Adaptations: Auditorium Program: up to 75 participants. Program minimum: 25 participants ($50.00).
Focusing on interdependence in the natural world, students will learn about food webs and animal adaptations that help wild animals survive. Live animals included in the presentation.

Classify This!: Classroom program: up to 30 participants ($50.00).
Learn about basic taxonomy, animal classes and their adaptations through an interactive presentation. Meet an animal or two up close! Follow up with an “Animal Classes” scavenger hunt.

Sixth-Twelth Grade Programs:

Animal Experience: Auditorium Program: up to 50 participants. Program minimum: 25 participants ($50.00).
What does it take to work at Austin Zoo? Learn interesting facts about a few different Austin Zoo animals!
Please schedule your field trip at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure that staff is available.

Guided Tour: Up to 20 participants (30 minutes). Program minimum: 20 participants ($60.00).
Learn about the Zoo’s mission to assist animals in need through rescue, rehabilitation, and education in this 30-minute tour. Tour will include information on our primates, black bear cubs, and big cats. All tours are conducted on the visitor pathway.

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Do you have any additional questions? Does your group have any special needs that Austin Zoo should know about?

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