Animal Sponsorships

If you prefer to donate to a specific animal at Austin Zoo, our Sponsor an Animal program may be something you find rewarding. You can select the animal to which you would like to give a donation. 100% of your donation will go toward the care of the animal of your choosing. To take part in Austin Zoo’s Sponsor an Animal program, choose a program below or visit the zoo in person. It is a great way to improve the life of your favorite animals at the zoo!


Make a contribution to help feed and care for Austin Zoo’s animals.

Sponsor Russian Red Foxes Mikhail & Nikolai.


$25.00 – Feeds Austin Zoo’s reptiles and amphibians for one week.


$50.00 – Feeds Austin Zoo’s tortoises for one week.

$50.00 – Feeds an Austin Zoo wolf or wolf hybrid for one week.

$75.00 – Feeds Austin Zoo’s goats for one week.


$100.00 – Feeds Austin Zoo’s birds for one week.

$150.00 – Feeds Austin Zoo’s monkeys for one week.

$200.00 – Feeds two big cats for one week.


$250.00 – Provides an annual health exam and vaccinations for one mammal.

Annual Naming &
Sponsorship Opportunities

Become an Annual Animal Sponsor today, and 100% of your donation will go to the feeding and care of the animal(s) of your choosing.

In 2015, over 206,000 guests visited Austin Zoo, with more in attendance each following year. With your sponsorship, signage documenting your name or your company’s name will be created and displayed for an entire year on the animal habitat. For more information, please call 512-288-1490.


Red Kangaroo



Red Kangaroo Jason is our only marsupial here at Austin Zoo. He loves napping in the cool dirt during hot summer days, practicing his boxing skills on his red speed bag and hopping around his large yard space.

Feeding Area



Sponsored through 01/31/17 by Lone Star School of Music

The Feeding Area is home to a variety of animals, including goats, sheep, deer, llamas, pigs and geese. Our guests create many memories here feeding and petting the goats, sheep, deer and llamas.


Russian Red Foxes Mik & Nik



Sponsored through 03/31/17 by Fox Service Company

Russian Red Foxes Mik and Nik were purchased by an individual from a website that sold foxes which were bred as pets. Upon their arrival to the US from Russia, they were confiscated by customs and brought to Austin Zoo by Texas Parks and Wildlife. They love running, playing and snuggling together in their spacious enclosure.

Grey Wolves



Sponsored through 07/31/17 by Kathy Caraway Elementary

Grey wolf sisters Juno, Denali, Aspen, Ivory and Lindy came to Austin Zoo from a facility in Illinois. These sisters love wrestling, chasing one another in their large yard space and soaking up the sun on their wooden enrichment structures.


Primate Palace

Primate Palace


Sponsored through 12/31/2017 – Karen Phillips and Michael Capps

The Primate Palace currently houses ten capuchin monkeys and one spider monkey. This enclosure provides both comfortable, climate-controlled, indoor apartments and large, high-ceiling outdoor space to play and climb on many enrichment structures.

Cougars Beaux and Vera



Sponsored through 12/31/17 by John Resch in memory of Edward and Garnet Resch

Cougars Beaux and Vera both came to us separately as orphans from Washington state. Guests often see them lounging on their wooden enrichment structure, scaling the many branches of the oak tree in their enclosure or playing soccer with pumpkins.


Cougar Cubs


Sponsored through 12/31/17 by John Resch in memory of Edward and Garnet Resch

Cougar Cubs Oliver, Roxy and Willow were three weeks old when they arrived at Austin Zoo after their mother was killed by a hunter in Washington state. These siblings are full of energy and love climbing and playing with each other in their spacious outdoor enclosure.

African Lion Amara



Sponsored through 12/31/2017 in honor of Macintosh and Mercer Donner

African Lion Amara is one of the most popular animals here at the Zoo. She often draws a large crowd; she loves running during trainings and playing with the enrichment our Zookeepers make for her.


Upper Tigers



Sponsored through 12/31/2017 by Amy and Mila Grant

The Upper Tiger enclosure currently houses Bengal Tiger Rajah. This big cat love to play with giant red enrichment balls and cool off in his large fountain and pool during the summer.

Lower Tigers



Sponsored through 12/31/2017 by Emilio and Tari Nicolas

The Lower Tiger enclosure currently houses Bengal Tigers Ramah, Taj and Apollo. They love relaxing in their large grassy enclosure or lounging in their three-tiered pool.


Transvaal Lions Sango and Jelani


Sponsored through 12/31/17 by John Resch in memory of Edward and Garnet Resch

Transvaal Lions Jenali and Sango came to us in 2016 from Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo. These two brothers love their new home at Austin Zoo and enjoy relaxing and playing in their large grassy enclosure.

Black Bear Cubs



Black Bear Cubs Ruby, Tilly and Korben came to Austin Zoo from Oregon when their mother abandoned them due to a logging incident. Growing bigger every day, these three siblings love scaling up the tall fencing of their enclosure, wrestling in their swimming pool and playing with their many enrichment toys.


Education Building



The Education Building provides an open, indoor space to host birthday parties, Animal Experience shows, and other special events like Scotty Roo and Christini puppets shows during our Boo at the Zoo Fundraiser in October and our Silent Auction during our annual Austin Zoo Revue and Grand Gala in May.

Gift Shop Entrance


The Gift Shop houses both admissions and Austin Zoo souvenirs. Here, all of our guests must enter and exit the Zoo, buying tickets and spending time looking at the wide variety of Zoo merchandise.

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