An Open Letter to the members and Friends of the Austin Zoo

An Open Letter to the members and Friends of the Austin Zoo

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February 3, 2019-

For over 20 years, the Austin Zoo has been committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and professional care of each and every animal that has called the Austin Zoo home. We remain committed to community engagement and to upholding standards of accountability set upon us by professional accreditation and regulatory organizations and to maintaining the trust of our members, friends and the community at large.

The professional animal care team at the Austin Zoo includes zookeepers, local veterinarians, external veterinarian consultants, and boarded veterinarian specialists. A veterinarian-designed and USDA-approved Program of Veterinary Care, including policies related to both end-of-life and quality-of-life protocols, is part of veterinary practice and has been part of the assessment and treatment of our animals for many years. The Austin Zoo animal care policies and protocols first and foremost are focused on the care and well-being of over 300 rescued animals that currently reside at our zoo.

Continuous improvement is critical for the entire Austin Zoo organization, especially in the areas of animal welfare and the safety for team members, the animal population, and all visitors. With the support of so many visitors and local companies, the Austin Zoo has been able to invest in expanding the staff, animal care team, and the facilities and animal habitats. With new animal care leadership in place since last September, the team has worked diligently to improve both the comprehension and communication of all animal welfare policies.

Whether you have visited the Austin Zoo before or not, the entire Austin Zoo team invites you to come meet our animals and see first-hand the love and care the staff and animal care team has for every animal.

Thank you for your continued support,

Austin Zoo Board of Directors

Author: Bonnie Caver