Austin Zoo Is Excited To Share Our Austin Zoo Patch Activities!

Austin Zoo Is Excited To Share Our Austin Zoo Patch Activities!

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You can complete this patch on your own, or with some friends, or even with a larger group such as through scouting, a school class, or homeschoolers. Download and complete our specifically designed scavenger hunt to learn more about animals and the important mission of the Austin Zoo as a forever home for rescued animals.

The patch is designed so that you can complete it entirely in one visit to the Austin Zoo working with the Scavenger Hunt list. Or, if you wish, you can complete some activities at the Zoo with the Scavenger Hunt list, and some activities either before or after your visit to the Zoo with the Supplemental Activities list. Supplemental Activities include gathering items to give to the Austin Zoo from our Wish List, as well as more in depth activities to give you an even greater appreciation for issues that face endangered animals, like habitat destruction.

When you have completed all of the required patch activities at the Austin Zoo, stop by the gift shop to purchase either a Tiger or Peacock patch and to leave a completed copy of the Feedback Sheet.

Austin Zoo Patch Requirements:

  • Ages 5-6…..5 Total Activities
  • Ages 7-8…..8 Total Activities
  • Ages 9-10….12 Total Activities
  • Ages 11-17…20 Total Activities

Austin Zoo Patch Scavenger Hunt

Any additional questions, please call our office at 512-288-1490.

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