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Wish List

Thank you so much for wanting to help our rescued animals. We have an Amazon Wish List in addition to what you see below. Click Here to purchase and have items sent directly to the Zoo. Wish List Washing Machines – Electric Food (unopened and unexpired, can be frozen or fresh, without sauces or butter or salt) Fruit (grapes, oranges, bananas, apples, berries, pineapple, kiwi, grapefruit, avocado, etc.) Vegetables (turnips, romaine, corn, yams, lettuce, kale, carrots, celery, squash, green beans) Meats (no pork or horse meat) Eggs Nuts (unsalted shelled and unshelled) Honey Dry cat food (unopened) Dry dog food (unopened) —–● 4Health Performance Formula (chicken) —–● 4Health Large Breed Formula for Adult Dogs (chicken) —–● Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Dog food (chicken & barley) —–● Purina ProPlan Natural Grain Free Chicken & Egg Formula —–● Purina ProPlan Natural Grain Free Chicken & Brown Rice Formula Kitchen Supplies Plastic/Paper plates Knives Spoons Forks Bowls Latex gloves, all sizes Plastic cafeteria trays Bus tubs Facilities Air Compressors (Oil) ATV Tires 55 gallon metal barrels Shop wagons Heavy Duty 2 wheel dolly Wire cage truck Shop vacuum (Gift Shop) Jog Strollers or Large Wheels Strollers Enrichment Items New dog toys (Kongs) New bird toys Boomer Balls Perfumes Kiddie plastic pools Toddler Toys Cement bird baths Rope Wiffle balls FM Radio Medical Supplies Neosporin Gauze Vet Wrap Band-aids Tweezers Cleaning Supplies Bleach 7.5oz antibacterial hand soap Dishwashing liquid Laundry detergent-HE Windex Sponges/scouring pads Scrub brushes Dust pans Brooms Paper towels Floor squeegees Buckets 12-16 gallon trash bags 33 gallon trash bags 60 gallon trash bags Metal trash cans Office Supplies White printer/copier paper Pens Ziploc bags Sharpies Large storage bins (clear) Wheelchairs Maintenance Supplies Metal rakes Flexrake pan and spade scoops Pet scoops Shovels Fertilizer free dirt Mulch Granite gravel Non-clumping cat litter Fans 250-watt infrared heat lamps Ladders Extension cords (three plug grounded) Power strips Light bulbs Railroad ties Tools Tool boxes Washer and/or Dryer Heavy duty 100′ Garden Hoses Gift Cards Petco Petsmart Lowe’s Home Depot HEB Costco Tractor Supply Any gift cards are appreciated! Read More