Dante’s Groundbreaking Healing Story

Dante’s Groundbreaking Healing Story

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Exciting News from Austin Zoo!

Meet Dante, the incredible Texas longhorn who has captured our hearts with his remarkable journey. Dante, along with his longhorn buddies Mack and Chance, has been a beloved resident of Austin Zoo since January 2020.

Dante’s story took an unexpected turn when his right horn started to droop, leading to a diagnosis of a skull fracture at the base of the horn. The weight of his impressive 93-inch horns was hindering the healing process, and a traditional fix, amputation of both horns, was initially considered.

However, thanks to the innovative collaboration between the Austin Zoo and the veterinary team at Texas A&M, a groundbreaking procedure emerged. Instead of the conventional amputation, they utilized orthopedic implants and a rebar splint to support Dante’s fractured horn.

Dr. Shannon Reed, along with her team, successfully repositioned the horn using a bone plate and a unique rebar splint, allowing Dante’s fracture to heal without amputation. The procedure was a game-changer and a testament to the dedication of the veterinary professionals involved.

Dante spent three months at the LATH (Large Animal Teaching Hospital) healing, receiving care from the expert veterinary team and 28 enthusiastic veterinary students.

Now, we’re thrilled to announce that Dante has fully recovered and returned home in March. His joyful reunion with Mack and the rest of the herd was a heartwarming sight for all of us at Austin Zoo.

Dante’s case opens up new possibilities for longhorns facing similar injuries, showcasing what can be achieved with a collaborative and dedicated team of professionals.

Let’s celebrate Dante’s resilience and the success of this groundbreaking procedure!

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Author: Cheryl Habbe