Available Habitat Sponsorships

Sponsoring a habitat at Austin Zoo is the perfect way to help our animals! 

Would you like to sponsor a habitat? Please call us at 512.288.1490.

We have several habitats and locations around the Zoo that are available for sponsorship at different sponsor levels. Sponsorships are active for one year and do not renew automatically. Your Sponsor sign will be placed at the habitat to recognize your support. If you are looking for a unique way to help our animals, this opportunity is perfect! 

Habitat Sponsorships Available

Jill, Blue-and-Gold Macaw
Blue-and-Gold Macaw Habitat – $750
Rene, American Alligator
American Alligator Habitat – $3,000

Mammals & Hoofstock

Gray Fox Habitat (Sly)$500
Coatimundi Habitat 1 (Stitch)$500
Coatimundi Habitat 2 (Sookie)$500
Upper Wolf-Hybrid Habitat (shy Layla)$750
Donkey Habitat$1000
Blackbuck Antelope & Arabian Oryx Habitat $1000
Visayan Warty Pig Habitat $1000
Prairie Dog Habitat$1000
Lower Wolf Hybrid Habitat (Luna)$1500
Miniature Zebu, Alpaca, Llama, & Deer Habitat $3000
Kinkajou Habitat (Grizzly)$3000
Lower Big Cat Habitat / Cheetahs (Daya & Amina) $5000
Grevvy’s Zebra Habitat (Dot & Dash)$5000


Small Bird Habitat$500
Green-Winged Macaw Habitat (Sarah)$750
A.2 Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Jackie & Jill)$750
A.4 Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Cassie & Tiki)$750
A.6 Amazon Parrot Aviary (ZuZu & Seren) $750
A.7 Amazon Parrot Aviary (Blanca)$750
A.8 Amazon Parrot Aviary (Midori)$750
Lower Ostrich Habitat $1000
Emu Habitat $1000


American Alligator Habitat (Rene, Nash and Crosby) $3000


Colobus Monkey Habitat (Tico) $1000
Patas Monkey Habitat (Bea & Will) $1000

Buildings / Physical Spaces

Peacock Barn $1000
Primate Pavilion$1000
Nature Play Space $1500
Discovery Center (reptiles & amphibians) $3000
Gift Shop$5000


Weekend Camp $1000
Summer Camp $5000