Habitat Sponsorships

Sponsoring a habitat at Austin Zoo is the perfect way to help our animals! 

Would you like to sponsor a habitat? Please call us at 512.288.1490.

We have several habitats and locations around the Zoo that are available for sponsorship. If you are looking for a unique way to help our animals, this opportunity is perfect! 

Habitat Sponsorships Available

Texas Longhorns (who doesn’t love Longhorns)? – $3,000 – Sold

American Alligator Habitat – $3,000

Squirrel Monkey Habitat – $750 – Sold

Berkshire Pig and Feral Hog Habitat – $750 – SOLD

The Rawhide Rocket – our train – $2,500 – SOLD

Additional Habitat Sponsorships:


Lower Wolf Hybrid Habitat (Luna)$1500.00
Wolf-Hybrid Habitat (Layla)$750.00
Tamarin Habitat$750.00
Marmoset Habitat$750.00
Kinkajou (Lower Habitat) (Gina & JuJu)$500.00
Kinkajou (Train-side Habitat) (Pantena) $500.00
Genet Habitat $500.00
Blackbuck Antelope & Arabian Oryx $1000.00
Patas Monkey Habitat $1000.00
Visayan Warty Pig/ African Crested Porcupine $1000.00


Lower Ostriches $1000.00
Emus $1000.00
A.2 Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Jackie & Jill) $750.00
A.3 Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Sassy & ChaCha) $750.00
A.4 Blue-and-Gold Macaw (Cassie &Tiki) $750.00
A.5 African Gray Congo/African Gray Timneh (ZuZu & Seren) $750.00
A. 8 Amazon Parrot Aviary (Midori & Blanca) $750.00


American Alligator Habitat $3000.00

Building / Structure

Peacock Barn $1000.00


Weekend Camp $1000.00
Summer Camp $5000.00