Update From ZAA

Update From ZAA

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February 25,2019-  ZAA was made aware of allegations of animal welfare and management concerns at the Austin Zoo, on January 24th, 2019, via anonymous letter dated July 29. Since then, the ZAA staff and Board have been in constant contact with the administrators of the Austin Zoo while they address these allegations.


The Austin Zoo became an accredited ZAA facility on May 3, 2018. Their accreditation audit was conducted on December 12, 2017. At the time of the inspection ZAA inspectors found no animal welfare, staff, or public safety concerns. As part of the rigorous inspection process, staff members were interviewed, however no animal welfare or management concerns were raised. Since their accreditation, Austin Zoo has had two USDA inspection in which the facility was found to be fully compliant. Since the time of the ZAA inspection several upgrades were noticed at the Austin Zoo, including the addition a fulltime veterinary technician, an expansion of their animal treatment center, and expanded animal habitats.


ZAA is in contact with the Austin Zoo administrators lending support when and where needed.

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