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We have a variety of fun educational programs for all age groups, from stroller to senior! For additional information or reservations, please email or call (512) 288-1490.



A special thanks to The Austin American-Statesman for their generous grant of advertising for our Outreach and Education Programs!



New! Zoo Tots

This summer join us for Zoo Tots! The program is designed for a parent/guardian and a child to spend time learning together! Each month will feature a new theme. Weekly classes will focus on the monthly theme. Visit animal exhibits to get the inside scoop on their care and life history, participate in hands-on activities such as crafts or science experiments. Take home a follow-up lesson to reinforce learning.

  • When: Tuesdays beginning March 1, 2016
  • Time: 11 AM – 12 PM
  • Price: $5 for one parent/guardian and child, $3 for a second child. (Non-members must also pay zoo admission.)
  • Ages: 2 -5 year olds and parent/guardians
  • Meeting Location: Education Building/Events Pavilion
  • Please download the Zoo Tots registration form and email it to
  • Or, you can call 512-288-1490 to register over the phone!
Microsoft Word - Zoo Tots Jun-Aug 2016 flyer
Microsoft Word - Zoo Tots Jun-Aug 2016 flyer


Download the Zoo Tots flyer here!

Summer Program 2016

Click here to download the Austin Zoo Summer Program flyer and registration form.



Austin Zoo is excited to share our Austin Zoo Patch Activities!

You can complete this patch on your own, or with some friends, or even with a larger group such as through scouting, a school class, or homeschoolers. Download and complete our specifically designed scavenger hunt to learn more about animals and the important mission of the Austin Zoo as a forever home for rescued animals.

The patch is designed so that you can complete it entirely in one visit to the Austin Zoo working with the Scavenger Hunt list. Or, if you wish, you can complete some activities at the Zoo with the Scavenger Hunt list, and some activities either before or after your visit to the Zoo with the Supplemental Activities list. Supplemental Activities include gathering items to give to the Austin Zoo from our Wish List, as well as more in depth activities to give you an even greater appreciation for issues that face endangered animals, like habitat destruction.

When you have completed all of the required patch activities at the Austin Zoo, stop by the gift shop to purchase either a Tiger or Peacock patch and to leave a completed copy of the Feedback Sheet.

Austin Zoo Patch Requirements:

  • Ages 5-6…..5 Total Activities
  • Ages 7-8…..8 Total Activities
  • Ages 9-10….12 Total Activities
  • Ages 11-17…20 Total Activities

Austin Zoo Patch Scavenger Hunt

Any additional questions, please call our office at 512-288-1490, or email us at

For more Kid-Friendly Activities, visit here


Past Events

Home School Day!

To download the event flyer, click here.


Home School Day Presenters

Kelly Simon, Urban Biologist, TPWD/Blake Hendon, Wildlife Biologist
“My what big TEETH you have!” Join Texas Parks and Wildlife as we examine replicas of skulls of coyote, deer, rabbits and other Texas native wildlife and talk about what the shapes of the bones say about the animals, their food and habitat.

Lucia Brimer, Texas Museum of Science & Technology
TXMOST has a lot of fun and educational activities for home schoolers. See how to make a comet (using dry ice!), explore the human body and the solar system, and actually view the sun’s surface and spectrum using special solar viewers.

Debbie Zent, Austin Bat Works
Learn why bats are important to nature and the need for conservation of bats.

Kendra Abbott, Entomologist
Kendra studies an endangered beetle here in Texas which allows her to keep her outreach connected to the sciences. Kendra has taught several college classes including entomology where she would bake insect related food for her students. Come see what amazing invertebrates she will bring to Home School Day and maybe even sample some insect food!!!

Ilya Shmulenson, Keep Austin Beautiful
Bernard Smalls
“Do you know what is and is not recyclable in Austin? Join the Keep Austin Beautiful education teams and find out!”
“Explore nature’s way of recycling and learn how worms turn food scraps into soil!”

Marta Hudecova, Hopper Foods
Hopper Foods’ edible-insect environmental education team will be on site providing the most fun bug-based activities for all ages! Learning targets will include science, art and agriculture! This action-packed table will engage home-schoolers in the “little things”, and will empower learners with terminology, methodology and call to action!

Randy Bailey, ITT Technology
Experience visual examples of how technology is being used now and how it will be a part of students’ futures such as:
1) a video of current driverless cars;
2) examples of how to use their imagination and artistic talents together with technology, i.e. a time lapse of the construction of a building or jet engine (using computer aided drafting and design); and/or
3) a brief look at the progress of robotics/artificial intelligence.

Kelly Emmert, Art Garage
Arts and Crafts (9a.m.-12p.m. only)

Celeste Mikeiska, Perdernales Electric Cooperation (PEC)
Safe City is an energized 3-D model that depicts a typical neighborhood. Students learn about conductors and insulators, safety rules and the path of electricity. The city comes to life when the dramatic electrical arcs are seen and heard.

Kris Ledoux, Austin Zoo
Animal Artifacts and Biofacts

Audrey Morgan, Austin Zoo
Let’s build your own animal habitat to take home!

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