News From The Austin Zoo

Congratulations to Jesse Pottebaum

May 15, 2019- Congratulations to Jesse Pottebaum, our Deputy Director of Animal Care, for being named the new Director of the Abilene Zoological Gardens. In addition to giving Jesse the opportunity to lead all aspects of an accredited zoo, his new position provides the significant increase in compensation and benefits that a taxpayer-supported zoo can offer. Read More

Update From ZAA

February 25,2019-  ZAA was made aware of allegations of animal welfare and management concerns at the Austin Zoo, on January 24th, 2019, via anonymous letter dated July 29. Since then, the ZAA staff and Board have been in constant contact with the administrators of the Austin Zoo while they address these allegations. Read More

An Open Letter to the members and Friends of the Austin Zoo

February 3, 2019- For over 20 years, the Austin Zoo has been committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and professional care of each and every animal that has called the Austin Zoo home. We remain committed to community engagement and to upholding standards of accountability set upon us by professional accreditation and regulatory organizations and to maintaining the trust of our members, friends and the community at large. Read More

Statement from the Austin Zoo Veterinary Team

February 2, 2019- The Austin Zoo uses a team of local veterinarians, both small and large animal in addition to regular consultation with an outside zoo consultant and boarded veterinary specialists at Texas A&M University in exotic, internal medicine, neurology, pathology, and surgery. Read More

Austin Zoo’s Media Response

January 30, 2019- For decades, the Austin Zoo has been committed to animal welfare and rehabilitation, and to serving as a haven for many animals that have been rescued from adverse environments. We are also committed to public outreach and education, and we would again like to express to our community our commitment to transparency and accountability, high standards of conduct with respect to our animals and their care, as well as with respect to the governance of Austin Zoo. Read More